Monday, April 21, 2014

What's in yours?

My handbag (aka my purse in America speak) isn't a huge one.  My preferred style of handbag has a long cross body strap so I can chuck it on and forget it's there.   I favor the the left side of my body so that my right hand is free to salute any officers who may be walking my way, even though I actually left the RAF 17 years ago...  I guess that habit is forever ingrained on my soul.  I feel most uncomfortable if I put it on my right side although I probably won't be bumping into any RAF officers down the gym or at Target any time soon. 

Now that the kiddos are older and can carry their own stuff, the contents of my handbag are pretty minimal.  Wallet, chapstick, phone, chewie, pens, you know, all the usual things.  But I do carry a couple of extra items that I would never have dreamed of carrying around with me before we lived here.  I most certainly would never carry either of them around at home!

No. 1 item - Pepper Spray.  I always feel slightly guilty when I see my little pink spray cannister in my bag.  This is probably because it's illegal to carry it back home and I'm a bit of a rule follower.  But like most people, I have an aversion to being robbed/attacked/carjacked so I pack my pepper spray to defend myself if necessary - because I can!  People back home may think it's a bit dramatic and unnecessary, but I did have my finger on the trigger once when a crazy lady in the Walmart parking lot tried to take my groceries and get in the trunk of my van.  Not a fun experience, but I did feel safer knowing I could have used my spray if warranted and believe me, I came close!  I also have a runner's hand held pepper spray for when I'm road running on my own.  Better safe than sorry!     

No. 2 item - Teabags.   As my friends will testify, I carry a wee ziploc bag containing teabags at all times.  It's soooo difficult to get a good cup of tea over here!  Most places give you a tiny rectangular paper bag containing a teabag that feels like it's made out of wax paper, complete with a stapled on string and tag.   You need at least 2 of these to brew a decent strength cuppa in the usually lukewarm water provided in a plastic coffee jug.  Sometimes there is still a taste of coffee from this water because the tea is so weak and the jug is only used for coffee (until you come in with your diva request for tea).  Blegh.  When you ask for milk on the side, you get a funny look and then the milk comes to your table a good 5-10 minutes after the teabags and water have been delivered, thus allowing the already lukewarm water to cool further.  Oops, that turned into a right little rant!  Anyways, my main point is that instead of having to use the dreaded bags on strings, I have my own little supply in my purse.  So comforting for this ol' lady, it's not pretty when I don't get my morning brew.  

So there you have it, that's the 2 'special' items that I carry in my handbag every day.  What do you carry in yours?

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