Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mummy Fail

They say that you lose track of time when you're on vacation.  I just proved this to be true.  So much so that when we returned from our FL vacation last Saturday, I had my dates so mixed up that the Easter Bunny visited our house the day after we got back on Sunday 6th April.  I stayed up late the night before, packing up Easter baskets with chocolate, toys and bubbles.  I placed them carefully so that they would be the first thing the kids saw when they came downstairs the next morning.  I even smugly congratulated myself on being so organized by having it all ready in advance for when we got home from vacation!  But pride comes before a fall people...

Yep, Easter isn't till Sunday 20th April, so the Bunny was very premature indeed when he came to see us.  While my kids were playing outside later in the day with their friends, they told them what the Bunny had brought them.  Of course, the other kids and their parents were understandably confused but luckily my own kids were so excited that they didn't really notice that the other kids didn't think it was Easter.  I myself was totally oblivious until I spoke to my friend who enlightened me - thank goodness for friends who don't drop you in it when they realize you've messed up!  Eeek! 

They asked us at dinner why the Bunny had come so early.  While I don't enjoy lying to them, needs must!  I said that the Bunny must have heard me talking about Easter and didn't want them to be disappointed just because I got it wrong.  I said that he most likely was happy to come early to save him a trip to our house on the actual Easter.  It could have been worse, I could have said that Easter in Scotland is different from Easter in America...!   (Random fact - Mother's Day is on a different day in the UK and the US).  Anyway, now they know that Easter is still a couple of weeks away for real.  The daughter already knows that the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist because she caught the husband sneaking in to do the deed the only time I didn't do it myself.  Yes, I may have given him a very hard time about that, but this time, I only have myself to blame.

I love doing these things for the kids and seeing their excited wee faces, although I know not everybody does.  I remember how exciting it was to have the anticipation of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny coming to visit.    Yes, I know Christmas and Easter are religious first and foremost and have a whole different meaning which we do explain to them, but the fun stuff is just that - FUN.  Kids grow up so quickly these days, why shouldn't they have as much fun stuff as possible? 

Anyway, lesson learned, check the calendar in future!!  Thank goodness Christmas is on the 25th every year :) 

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