Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life's a Beach

I've been to several beaches in the US, in Florida, California and Virginia.  My favorite ones so far are definitely the Destin area beaches in FL, but I know America has way more to offer than I've seen.  I'm often asked what the coastline and beaches are like in Scotland, so here are a few pics of my favorite beaches back home in Scotland, courtesy of Google images.

Oldshoremore.  We went here every summer when I was a child.  It has everything a beach could possibly offer - white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, dunes, rockpools, dramatic cliffs, a cave and even a couple of small streams to dam with driftwood and rocks.  We have spent many happy days here.  Unfortunately though, because this beach is on the west coast, the weather doesn't always cooperate.  But it's still fun going for a walk on the beach in the rain, right?  Especially when it looks like this! 

Beautiful Oldshoremore

Nairn.  Nairn has not one, but two amazing beaches, both within walking distance of my parents' house.  How lucky is that?!  The West Beach has rockpools, sand and amazing views across the Moray Firth.  We actually got married in The Golf View Hotel overlooking this beach, a perfect location!  It also is at the bottom of the Links which is a huge grassy area complete with cricket pitch and bandstand where the Nairn Highland Games are held annually.  

View of the beach from the Nairn Golf Club

The East Beach is a huge sandy beach, complete with large dunes and a sandbar that can be reached at low tide.  Again, many a happy day has been spent here both when I was younger and more recently, with my own children.  
 Nairn East Beach

Hopeman.  This beach is a well kept secret!  The beach itself is a sheltered bay with white sands, dunes, rockpools, changing huts and a coastal trail that leads you to caves and along dramatic coastal scenery.

The beautiful Hopeman Beach

Lossiemouth.  Another pretty seaside town with two amazing beaches.  The West Beach features a lighthouse, silver sands, Lossiemouth Golf Club Links and huge sand dunes.  You also get the added bonus of watching the aircraft take off and land at RAF Lossiemouth :)

Lossiemouth Lighthouse
The East Beach is reached by a wooden footbridge crossing the River Lossie and is simply stunning - beautiful silver sands and dramatic sand dunes.

View of Lossiemouth Beach from the town

Sango Sands.  Situated on the Northwest tip of Scotland, this is another stunning beach.  The photo speaks for itself.

Simply Stunning Sango Sands

Sandwood Bay.  This remote beach features a haunted cottage on the 4 mile hike in to the beach, a sea stack and also several folk tales involving mermaids and Auld Nick himself (separately of course)!  But it is also one of the most beautiful places in the world.  The husband, my brother and myself spent one Hogmanay in a bothy situated high above the bay which was both an amazing but very scary experience!   

Am Buachaille sea stack at Sandwood Bay

Arisaig.  A very popular tourist stop off on the West Coast, but understandably so.  Just look at this beach! 

Arisaig's crystal clear water

St Andrews.  Everybody's heard of St Andrews, mainly because of the golf.  But this picturesque town has a lovely beach too!  
St Andrews

So that's a few of my favorite Scottish beaches. I'm feeling very homesick now and can't wait till next summer for our family vacation back home!  Although the weather in Scotland isn't always exactly go to the beach, swim in the sea kind of weather, the beaches are truly amazing, clean and best of all - THERE ARE NO SHARKS!!!!!

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