Monday, July 13, 2015


I love most things about America-land, I really do.  But without beating around the bush, I absolutely LOATHE the sandwiches here.  This is what many 'normal' American sandwiches look like:
Loaded, I say, loaded with meat - way too much bloody meat!!!  How much meat do you need, and why bother with the bread at all?  Have you seen some of the sandwiches that Adam Richman eats on Man vs Food?  They're not sandwiches at all, they're just huge piles of meat!  American sandwich bread is usually sweet and slightly floppy - everybody in America should immediately travel to the UK and try a delicious, crusty, filled baguette or sandwich from the local baker on any High Street, I promise you that your mind will be blown.  Even Marks and Spencer sandwiches are better than most of the deli sandwiches over here.  Oh the joy of fresh, granary bread, filled with whatever takes your fancy, that doesn't involve a massive pile of meat.  Yes, we too can make large sandwiches, but not the colossal size that is so normal over here.  If the filling is tasty and the bread decent, you don't have to!

Perhaps the meat quantity in the US is to disguise the taste of the bread.  Brits want to taste the bread, it's equally as important as the filling.  A favorite sandwich back home is prawn cocktail, either on bread or in a baguette.   Prawns in America are called shrimp and a shrimp cocktail sauce here is bright red and slightly spicy.  It's pretty good, but it's not British prawn cocktail, which is prawns mixed in a creamy, tangy sauce.  Baguettes are not and should never be soft, America.  You should never, ever be able to bend a baguette.  If you can, you should stop what you're doing and immediately run for the hills. 

I miss British sandwich menus too.  It's mostly the same old, same old here - reuben, turkey, ham, blah blah blah.  ALL PILED HIGH WITH MEAT.  I would love to be able to order a chicken tikka sandwich, a coronation chicken sandwich, any variation of flavorful British cheese with pickle, or even some tasty meat - just not in a huge pile (don't mention mad cow please)! 

Anyway, as always people, this blog is written mostly tongue in cheek, so please don't be offended!  I do have a favorite sandwich place here called Jimmy Johns which has just the right amount of meat and tastes delicious, so it's not all bad :)  Our Scottish vacation date is drawing closer, and it's safe to say that we will be out and about a lot, sampling delicious sandwiches all over the Highlands.  I really can't wait!  Prepare to be bored to tears with millions of food photos when we return :)   Till next time...! 

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