Friday, May 2, 2014

A Tennessee Sunday

Another Sunday, another State Park :)  This time, we drove to Henry Horton State Park, about 45 mins drive from our house.  We didn't have the best impression when we arrived, there was a bunch of run-down looking cabins and a very old fashioned looking hotel and restaurant, not our usual place for a hike!  When we eventually found the trailhead which wasn't signposted at all, we weren't very excited, but thankfully, the trail did not disappoint.

The woods were pretty dark on the first part of the trail, but it was still really pretty.  There was nobody else around so Molly got to go off leash and run free which she loved.   The trail ran along the Duck River and there were yellow flowers everywhere which was beautiful!  

We walked about 2 miles out and then turned back because there was a forecast for strong storms starting in the afternoon and we didn't want to get caught out in the woods.  The wind picked up but there was no bad weather otherwise.  We took a time out down by the river, Molly fell into a mud puddle but soon got cleaned off in the river!

We didn't see many critters, just a bunch of huge ants, spiders and a raccoon that ran away as soon as it saw us.  Molly of course, found some dead thing and felt the need to roll in it - why do dogs love stink - she got washed off in the river thankfully.

When we returned to the van, one of the boys found a HUGE tick on his leg - it was at least half a centimeter long - YUCK!!!!  We were sure to check everybody out before we drove away, then  set off back home for some beers and Beef & Chipotle Burritos (thanks for the receipe Marla) in the yard before the rain started.  A pretty good day was had after all and I would like to return here to do some trail running.  The trail was perfect, not too challenging, but it would be a great run!
This old lady got tired and had to be carried for a while :)

There were severe storms forecast for the next few days and possibly tornadoes, so it was nice to get out and about and have some exercise before they hit.  Luckily though, the storms pretty much passed us by and we had an uneventful few days.  Till next time on a Tennessee Sunday! 

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